Watch Out for Scammers Email Subscription Flooding

  • December 5, 2019 by Larry 'Flash' Alexander

Data breaches online abound. Your credit card may have already been compromised, but you just don't know it yet. How could you? Most companies that may be storing your credit card details online don't come forward or may not even know when they have been breached.

Scammers that have acquired your credit card information have a new method of making purchases on your card then hiding the receipt for those purchases by burying the receipt that would come to you in a flood of email. Scammers use an automated process to subscribe your notification email address to hundreds of email subscription services. They activate the process at the same time they make a purchase on your card. With hundreds of emails flooking in most people won't see the only one that matters, the information of where, what and how much  money your credit card was used for.

Now when you see the flood of emails you will know to search through to find the valid credit card purchase receipt,  then immediately notify your bank. The receipt will tell you where your card was used. You may be able to notify the vendor that the purchase was fraudulent and to not ship the products.

About those subscriptions the scammers signed you up for. Most will require a confirmation. When it doesn't come your email will be dropped from the list. The others that do come can for the most part be unsubscribed from by using the link that generally appears at the bottom of the email. Any stragglers can be assigned as spam.

It has happened to me and a few others that have shared their experience with me. Here's hoping you don't need this information.