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Is HQ Secure a “Good Host”?

Is HQ Secure a “Good Host”?

Welcome to HQ Secure Global Internet – the new home of your website! Our state-of-the-art servers provide unmatched security and reliability, ensuring your online presence is always up and running. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to a joyful online experience.

WordPress 6.2 ~ Dolphy!

WordPress 6.2 ~ Dolphy!

On March 29, 2023, WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy” was released to the public. For more information on this release, read the WordPress 6.2 announcement. For Version 6.2, the database version (db_version in wp_options) stayed at 53496 with Trac revision 55610. A full list of...

Stop Sending Your Clients to Facebook

Stop Sending Your Clients to Facebook

People just get sucked in to Facebook. Puppies, kittens, Refugees, Volcanoes, Authentic expression from old friends. Whoops! Yes they just forgot why they came to Facebook or what they were doing in the first place. You’ve just lost …

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