A Plugin for Shortcodes & Added Functions

Every WordPress website or blog has a functions file located in the theme directory. This function file makes things happen. It can determin what size your featured images appear at, whether or not you have built in custom menu functionality, what widget areas are avaiable in your theme and more. WordPress developers find themselves editing this file to add or modify functionality to ones website or blog. A problem occurs when ones theme is upgraded, resulting in the functions file being overwritten.

Enter Flash Buddy’s Functionality Plugin. Not only do you get several of Flash Buddy’s handy shortcodes, but now too developers can add their custom functions code right inside the plugin and protect their modifications from being overwritten upon theme upgrades.

Line Break “Clear All” Shortcode
Does it drive you crazy when you want a new line to start below an image or other page element, but WordPress won’t let this happen? Use shortcode
and the problem goes away. What is happening behind the scenes? The plugin is inserting html code, which would otherwise be stripped out by the built in WordPress content editor.
Use shortcode [ clear ]

User Adjustable Vertical Spacer Shortcode
Some themes just don’t leave enough breathing room around some elements. This shortcode will allow one to insert a defined amount of vertical space.
Use shortcode [ spacer height=XX ], where XX is the number of pixels of space one wants to add between elements.

Current Date Display
Ever need to have today’s date displayed in your website or blog, but don’t want to open it up for editing on a daily basis?
Use shortcode [date] and today’s date will be automatically displayed and updated for you.

Private Comments
When more than one person is working on a site, this hand shortcode can add comments that only other admins or editors can see. Use it to provide directions or notes.
Use shortcode [ private ]This is content hidden from the public[ /private ].

Note: To allow one to see the shortcode, but not activate it, a space has been added between the square bracket and the trigger text within. In actual real world use, there would be no spaces.

[wpdm_file id=1 title=”true” ]