Chalet Realty

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Project Description

Small brokerage real estate website where husband and wife team are both the brokers and the agents, serving a small California coastal village. Must haves included property management, market history management and vacation rentals management. Additional information such as relocation information, buyers and sellers downloadable information sheets and blog were included to flesh out the site.

Project Details

Client Chalet Realty
Date March 2017
Skills Branding, Web Design

Google Mapping

Integrated color matched Google mapping; maps auto added to property listings, vacation rental listings and market history listings.

Line Listings

Property display includes admin/user configurable listings display, including a wide variety of sorting options. Depicted here are line listings of sold properties.
Line Listings - Chalet Realty
Grid Listings - Chalet Realty

Grid Listings

Depicting grid layout of sold properties. Users are optionally (admin controlled) presented with a variety of tools to manage the display of listings that suit their browsing preferences.

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