WordPress Custom Theme


The Challenge

Create a website where content can be managed in-house. Website must make image and video handling a breeze as presenting high quality media, whether photographic or videographic, is an absolute given the competitive nature of the clients business. Website must be easy to navigate for users since they come seeking to hire models for time sensitive projects; at a glance users will need to drill down to gender, location and appearance.

The Solution

Using WordPress and its built in ability to handle custom post types, were were able to build a administrative interface where existing models can be managed and new models added by a straight-forward fill in the blank process. Especially intriguing are the presentation of model polaroids and video on the front end, controlled by behind the scenes scripting and templating.

Display of Female Models

Individual Model Page


Corporate Rebranding


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Hiring Referrals Boosted By 45%


Navigation Ease

Straight forward navigation controls. Intuitive and easy to grasp.

In-House Managed

Current staff can easily manage models and their associated media; photos and videos.

Model Feedback

The Giant Management models expressed enthusiasm and satisfaction that their agency went so far to present them to potential clients. Model turn-over or ‘churn’ decreased by a whopping 93 percent.

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