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Remember the website days past, where to have the coolest website it would have to have some stunning Flash animation flying around on the screen. Those days are long gone. Today the landscape is shifting, yes, more quickly than we can keep up at times. Mobile browsing is expected to outpace desktop-based access within three to five years. Two of the three dominant video game consoles have web browsers. We’re designing for mice and keyboards, for T9 keypads, for handheld game controllers, for touch interfaces. In short, we’re faced with a greater number of devices, input modes, and browsers than ever before.


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Responsive websites differ from normal websites in how ones web content is displayed; to where one’s mobile website looks very similar to one’s regular website. The difference is in how the content flows and sizes; text, images and navigation all adjust themselves dynamically to provide the best user experience possible given the device the user is accessing ones website with. When the browser view port changes, your text and graphics know what needs to be done to provide users with a consistent, usable browsing experience.




Web design today must leverage ones SEO and there is absolutely no doubt that the responsiveness of your website has a role to play on ones rankings at Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask. Responsive websites are becoming the norm these days, not because they gives designers and developers a few web editing jobs, but because it makes websites more accessible and thus they are able to reach a wider audience. That is why designing responsive websites (with an eye on SEO) is so important given the state of technology today.



This website is responsive. Change the size of your browser window or access the site from your mobile phone or tablet.

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