Whoa. Wait a Second on this Facebook thing.

I know this might upset some folks but PLEASE do not send your fresh new prospective customers or clients to Facebook. Send them to your website or to your business directly so they can interact/transact with you business directly. Send then directly to your store or your email list or your phone number or form. And most of these things can be found on your website.

One of the main goals of your Facebook page should be to direct people to your website. Not the other way around. Most businesses get this wrong and send folks the wrong direction. Market your business on Facebook with the intent to pull people off Facebook into your store or to your website so they can buy from you. Am I way off here? Please comment below so I can understand what works for you.

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#1 For Example – What I saw today.

Our office in Sisters is five blocks from my house so usually I walk. And on my way to work today I noticed a new sign outside one of my favorite shops. It’s a really attractive sign and it grabbed my attention. But I did not like it. My first thought was “Why would they send me to Facebook when they could just invite me into their shop to buy something. Shouldn’t that sign encourage me to walk in that shop?”

Don't send people to Facebook

An Awesome Gift Store in Sisters, Oregon

But what do I know? I personally dislike Facebook as a user and I am simple too old to be a Social Media manager. So I reached out to a social media marketing expert Jack Jostes who runs Ramblin Jackson out of Boulder, Colorado. They manage Facebook marketing for dozens of businesses. I wonder if he would disagree with me. He left me a long detailed message and here it is verbatim:

#2 What happens when people go to Facebook?

People just get sucked in to Facebook. Puppies, kittens, Refugees, Volcanoes, Authentic expression from old friends. Whoops! Yes they just forgot why they came to Facebook or what they were doing in the first place. You’ve just lost your potential customer.

And if you ever pass this way you should probably stop into Mackenzie Creek. It’s awesome!

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