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Spam WomanDamn email harvesting spam bots. Research shows 97% of all email spam starts with these bots harvesting your email address from your web pages. Here is a simple solution anybody can employ by encoding them as “HTML Character Entities.” This code will appear as plain text on your page and rendered properly by most browsers but those pesky email harvesting bots cannot (yet) read it.

How to Use This Tool

Enter your email in the input box. Click the button. Copy and paste the resulting code from the results box into your Web pages wherever you would normally put your email address.



<a href="mailto:[email protected]">


<a href="mailto:&#121;&#111;&#117;&#64;&#121;&#111;&#117;&#114;&#100;&#111;&#109;&#97;&#105;&#110;&#46;&#99;&#111;&#109;">

Complete Email Address Example

Viewing Public See This

[email protected]

Use this tool to create an email link that is invisible to dumb spambot email harvesters. By using this script, you may eliminate spam, yet still post your contact email address online.

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