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Get personalized WordPress security services from HQ Secure, a thirty year web hosintin / software veteran.


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We all know sites get hacked every day and sometimes our passwords are not as strong as we think.

While fortifying your website’s defenses is essential, protecting your assets and maintaining peace of mind is equally important. Regular backups of your website’s files and databases are crucial to ensure that you can quickly recover in the event of a security breach or data loss. Storing these backups securely, either offline or in a separate location, adds an extra layer of protection.

Furthermore, implementing strict access controls and permissions for different user roles can help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and functionalities. By limiting access to only necessary personnel, you reduce the risk of accidental or malicious actions that can compromise your website’s security.

Educating yourself and your team about common security threats and best practices is vital to maintaining a secure digital oasis. Regular training sessions can help raise awareness about phishing scams, social engineering, and other methods used by cybercriminals. By staying informed and vigilant, you can effectively mitigate risks and ensure the ongoing security of your website.

Sometimes we as developers (or our clients) delete the wrong file or make a changes that breaks how a website work. Whether your website site crashes or gets hacked, our website maintenance program will help you recover from a problem quick and easily. Your website site will look and function as if nothing happened. Furthermore you will be back in business in most cases within 10 minutes. 



Includes Optimized WordPress/Divi Hosting

Server technologies configured to offer secure, fast and efficient hosting services for WordPress websites running premium themes and site builders (Divi | Elementor | Visual Builder). Assisting website developers designing sites that require robust server performance and SSL encryption.

Here’s What You Get

Optimization and Updates

 WordPress theme, plugins, and essential core files regularly updated. Database optimization.

Website Essential Backups

 Regular secure off site backups of essential files and content for fastest disaster recovery.


Security Monitoring and Protection

 WordPress security analysis and configurations specific to your website. 24/7 Security monitoring.

WordPress Security Package Testimonial

What People are Saying

Since switching to HQ Secure Global Internet, my WordPress site has reached the next level in terms of quality, design, and accessibility. I’ve had my site hacked more than once in the past, but never since HQ Secure took over. The feedback from visitors is reasuringly positive. I have run businesses for over 25-years and never had such smooth, high-performing, cost-efficient support from a web host. Together we make a dream team of sorts.

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