WordPress Artist Websites for Working Artists

Bell May, as she likes to be referred as, is “old school”; an activist, a feminist, but most of all a humanist, Bell May professes to use art as her medium and platform by which to take up the issue of human plight for freedom. As a WordPress developer, I relished the opportunity to build a¬†wordpress artist website. WordPress is the perfect platform for a working artists, somebody how is not going to have the time to fiddle around with their internet presence and instead focus on the core of their being – creating art. With the amazing image handling capabilities built into WordPress, the website developer can create show off website that will still load blazingly fast. Combining those image capabilities with excellent caching and content delivery network plugins will result in a image centric site that won’t slow the user down.

Bell May is not only a talented artist, but bi-lingual as well. One requirement was to offer visitors, who would be coming from both the United States and Mexico, the ability to view descriptive text in either Spanish or English without going the the complication and expense of a complete bi-lingual site. To keep cost down and the translated texts perfect tabbed content boxes were used.

Bell May Art Website