In over twenty years of building and managing websites for a living, I have never received a cash tip! Apparently, moving to Fort Collins and building websites for local businesses was all that was needed. This Christmas I received a card from my client Lonnie Nordell, with a crisp new $100.00 bill in it. I was dumbstruck, speechless, taken aback and surprised.

One hundred dollars, seriously? I read Emily Posts Tipping Guide and could not find web developers listed in the tipping categories. Most suggested tips are 10%, 15% and or 20%. Geeze, if everybody I have built websites for tipped me 20%, I’d have retired by now.

At first I was afraid the tip was a rope that would tie me some kind of obedience. But when I considered the kindness and respect Lonnie has give me through the process of building of her website, I realized it was one more demonstration of the spiritual nature of her soul.

Don’t tip that outhouse, tip your webmaster.

I can’t spend it, can I? I had an extra picture frame laying about so I framed the hundred dollar bill and added it to the collection of important mems that lie atop my desk; right next to the Lovely Hawaiian Dashboard Hula Doll (a gift from my neighbor). Every time I look up and see it I get a warm fuzzy feeling about Lonnie.

Here is the WordPress website I developed that inspired Lonnie to generously tip  me: Responsive long page design 🙂

Lonnies Resonance Healing Responsive Portfolio