WordPress Resources

Get up and running with WordPress – your local bookstore will have several titles available on using WordPress. Look for the most recent publications if you go this route as WordPress has had many robust updates as of late. In reality, I expect you will most likely figure it out as you go along, so log in and get started with editing existing pages.

Flashy Video Help Library

If you don’t already have the Flashy Video Help Library, you can request it be provided by “yours truly” 🙂 Look in your dashboard and get one click access to WordPress video training. The videos are from the WPtuts+ WP101 tutorial series!

Great Coverage

Most of the commonly used WordPress functions are covered, including but not limited to:

  • The Dashboard
  • Creating a New Post
  • Edit an Existing Post
  • Using Categories and Tags
  • Creating and Editing Pages
  • Add Photos and Images
  • How to Embed Video
  • Using the Media Library
  • Managing Comments
  • How to Create a Link
  • Changing the Theme
  • Adding Widgets
  • Building Custom Menus
  • Installing Plugins
  • Adding New Authors and Editors (Users)
  • Useful Tools
  • Configuration Settings


Google is Your Friend

The quickest and easiest way to get  help on WordPress, its associated plugins and working with your theme, would be searching Google or Bing for solutions to your questions. Other great resources are found at the official WordPress website or any number of WordPress specific help resource websites on the internet.

Adding images to posts or pages

Help Document: http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/

Video Help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WnNHEGjBVI

WordPress Tutorials: http://www.wp-tutorials.org/

Free Stock Image Resources

Here are the free photography website I use and recommend:

The best course of action is to purchase quality stock photography from online stock houses. I have an account at http://istockphoto.com and recommend them highly. Photos for web use cost about two to ten dollars, depending upon the quality/photographer.

Minimum sizes:

Size is dependent upon the dimensions and layout of your WordPress theme. Generally speaking, based upon the themes that I develop:

  • Header or full page sized photos should be a minimum of 1000 pixels in width
  • Illustrative photos for pages should be a minimum of 640 pixels in width.

Online Photo Editors

Desktop Photo Resizers

A Word on Editing

Just because one can change font sizes, typefaces and font colors doesn’t mean one should. A great deal of attention has been given to your WordPress custom theme when it comes to design, layout and typography. There had better be a very good reason to make changes to these areas. I suggest you consult with Flash Buddy, or another graphic designer of your choice.