Established in 1989 with a vision to deliver the highest level of dedication and professionalism; Giant is constantly growing from strength to strength and continues to further cement its position as a leading boutique management agency in Australia.
Having built solid relationships with some of the world’s most respected modelling agencies, Giant and their talent are truly making a name for themselves on both a local and international scale.
Based in Melbourne, Victoria; our focus is to build careers, to oversee every step, and to guide our talent to the international forum by providing support, encouragement and one- on-one training wherever necessary. We treat our talent as family, and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing family excel in their passion.

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Convert existing website to WordPress where Giant Management staff could make regular updates.

What did the trick with Giant was the creation of custom post types in the back end. These CPT’s made it easy for the staff to simply fill in the blanks and upload images. Adding new models, model images, blog posts and images became a breeze.

Take a look and see how they are doing with the site: