Non Hosted WordPress Maintenance & Optimization

Not hosting with us? HQ Secure can still provide website maintenance and optimization services. We understand that managing ones WordPress site is not for everyone – having to deal with the hassle of running backups, updating WordPress to version 4.x,  updating host scripts, plugins, and or settings.  Sophisticated software packages like WordPress should be periodically reviewed and maintained at the least on a quarterly basis; every three months. HQ Secure’s WordPress Maintenance and Optimization Package tackles the technicalities for you and frees you from the worry and risks of exploitable code, incompatible code, or an upgrade gone wrong. WordPress Maintenance and Optimization packages from HQ Secure will protect your hard work, carefully collected content and website/blog settings.

HQ Secure WordPress Maintenance and Optimization Packages Include:

  • Ongoing maintenance of a single WordPress site.
  • WordPress database is backed up weekly (annual plan). Additional backup options available.
  • Database is optimized and repaired as needed.
  • Recovery assistance is provided in the event of a security breach or loss of data. (Includes one hour billable time)
  • WordPress Database Back-up -HQ Secure will backup your WordPress database content and configuration, store it both remotely and locally. Don’t risk the loss of all your hard work, content and settings. DVD or CD-R copies $25.00 additional (up to 500MB).
  • Upgrade WordPress – WordPress will be upgraded to the latest version. WordPress upgrades usually address the latest bugs and security fixes. It is highly recommended that you upgrade to the latest versions.
  • Check Host for Script Updates
  • WordPress Plugins Upgrade – Like WordPress, plugins are updated at the same time to address bugs, fixes, and new features. We will review you plugins and upgrade them to the latest version.
  • Regular Password Changes (optional)
  • File Permissions Check
  • Security Scan
  • Broken Links Check
  • Comment Spam Review
  • Includes 30 minutes of technical support to address compatibility problems, (additional technical support time will be billed at standard hourly rate)

HQ Secure takes the hassle out of your website maintenance. Sign-up for HQ Secure’s WordPress Maintenance and Optimization Package.


  • One Time –  $85.00
  • Monthly Annual Pay: $149.50 – Best Value
  • Note: This service is for websites NOT hosted by HQ Secure Global Internet

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