About WordPress Security

The Internet can be a great place and a nasty place all at the same time. Hackers are a busy bunch, logging typically over ten thousand hack attempts per day trying to compromise your website, whether or not it is a  WordPress website.

Back in the 1990’s,  WordPress was insecure. This content management system (CMS) had dozens of scripts that hacker had found could be used to gain unauthorized access to ones website files. Often their exploits would be published, bringing in more hackers. Thankfully, that is no longer the case — security experts find only a few exploits a year. This is not news; literally all software, internet based or locally hosted is at risk.

WordPress hackers are constantly trying old methods and new methods to gain access.

All WordPress installations are still being attacked and for several reasons:

  • Insecure Hosting Environment
  • Insecure Plugins
  • Insecure Themes
  • Out of Date Software

 Secure Your WordPress Installation

Over the years HQ Secure has developed a suite of solutions to keep the hackers at bay. Today one can greatly improve the safety and security of ones website from hackers. The following list will detail much of what we provide with our WordPress Security Package.

We specialize in providing effective security of WordPress websites, recovery of sites that have been hacked, infested with malware or otherwise compromised. Give yourself peace of mind by preventing future attacks. HQ Secure has performed hundreds of malware removals and are successfully protecting WordPress based websites. I know we can help you recover from and help in the prevention of future malware infestations, repair hacked sites and protect against being compromised in the future.

WordPress sites have become the backbone of new websites and CMS systems. With a vast number of available plugins, the potential of having a security hole at some point in time is almost inevitable.

What Services Does HQ Secure Provide?

We provide a comprehensive WordPress CMS and website security package that has the following features.

  • Off Site Redundant Backups of your site
  • Proactive monitoring of
    • Updates for WordPress and Plugins
    • Security Holes in WordPress or your Custom Website
    • Security Compromise (Malware Injection or Malicious Code on your site)
  • Perform updates to WordPress or Website
    • Update WordPress or other Site CMS System
    • Update Plugins as necessary
    • Verify that site updates have not broken your site
  • Perform security fixes that may be necessary (removing Malware or Malicious Code

It is our recommendation that WordPress software and plugin upgrades be performed on a quarterly basis. If you are not currently on a plan, please contact us immediately.

Cost: $250.00

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